Fish Amulet Pastry

Cut the round phyllo in half, put the two halves on top of each other, and divide it in half again, so that you get four (quarter) phyllo. Repeat the same process two more times and divide your single phyllo into a total of 16 triangular strips.

Clean the fish, discard the head and bone, and cut each fillet into pieces less than half an inch. Grate the onion over the fish. Wash the parsley, remove the branches, finely chop the leaves. Add salt and pepper to the fish and mix this well with a wooden spoon. Putting the onion fish mixture on the wide side of each 1/8 phyllo and wrap it in the form of an amulet (triangle). By frying in oil, first drain the excess oil on a paper kitchen towel and bring it to the table while hot.

Bon Appetit!

1 ready-made phyllo
5-6 small fish
1 small sized onion
half a bunch of parsley
black pepper
liquid oil

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