Kitchen School

Biscuits forgotten in the open and stale
If you heat them in the small baking tray for a few minutes, you will see them regain their freshness.

Glass jars that resist opening
If you hit the bottom hard, it will open easily.

How is honey stored?
It is necessary to store the jar of honey in a cool, dark place that is not hot. Honey that receives sunlight spoils. In addition, if the lid of the jar is left open, it absorbs moisture and tastes bitter.

Is honey pure?
To see if honey is pure, take a spoonful of honey and crush it in cold water. If the water turns whiter, there is flour or starch in it.

The secret of a successful omelette
The first rule of thumb to make a good omelet is to never use more than 6 eggs. When cooking, always prefer gas stove, do not use an electric stove.

Stale bread
Slice thinly, sprinkle with milk and fry in hot oil. Turn it upside down and place tomato and cheese on it. Sprinkle on mint and thyme.

Non-fishy oils
If you squeeze lemon into the oil in which you fry fish, the fishy smell will not permeate the oil.

Stale cookies
Put your stale bread and cookies in a paper bag. After sprinkling the paper bag with water on it, just put it in the oven. After 10-15 minutes you will see that they are fresh.

Bad odors in the refrigerator
Food in the refrigerator can create unpleasant odors over time. To prevent this, you can put cotton dipped in vanilla in your refrigerator, you will both prevent bad odor and eliminate odors that may harm your food. Another solution is to put 1 bowl of milk in the refrigerator and leave it for 1-2 days. The milk takes the odors out of the refrigerator.

For the white rice
If you are cooking plain rice, adding 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice to the cooking water will make the color of the rice whiter.

Béchamel sauce
When a thick layer forms on the bechamel sauce that you prepared earlier. You should cover it with a piece of wax paper when you prepare the sauce.

Storing a whole lemon
Put the lemons in a bowl and cover them completely with salt. Thus, you can keep lemons intact for several days. You can keep the freshness of the lemons by taking them in a bowl full of water and changing this water daily.

For good cooling of your refrigerator
Put a bag of salt in it. You will see that the salt absorbs the moisture in the cabinet.

Teapot cleaning
If you want to prevent limescale from accumulating in your teapot, boil vinegar in it for about 15 minutes. Or leave eggshells in the bowl for a while. You will see that the limescale is gone.

If the soup or food is too salty
Do not be upset if you have over-salted the soup or dish you are cooking. There are several ways to compensate for this. If it’s not too salty, a bit of sugar will do the trick. But if you put in more salt than you expected, throw a few potato slices into your soup. Take it out when the potato slices are cooked as they will absorb the salt. If you put too much salt in the soup, add a silver spoon and a small glass of raw milk to it. Cook for 5-10 minutes on low heat. Then take out the spoon inside.

Pots holding the bottom
If you have burned the food, immediately place the pot that you took off the stove on a wet cloth. Thus, the burned food layer attached to the bottom is dissolved. Soak the pot with some vinegar to wash it. You will find that your work becomes easier.

Attention! Matte or glossy?
Aluminum foil has two sides, one glossy and the other matte. The matte side should touch the food because the shiny side can oxidize.

Keep the tomatoes fresh
The shriveled tomatoes look much better if you put them in the refrigerator in a bowl of salted water for half an hour.

To prevent the meat in the freezer from sticking
If you put greaseproof paper between each slice before freezing meat such as chops, steaks and meatballs, you will prevent them from sticking to each other. So you get as many pieces as needed each time and leave the rest in the freezer.

Apple cider vinegar
Do not throw away peeled apple skins. Get it in a jar. Add water you boiled and cooled until it is covered. Add 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar. After closing the lid, leave it for a while in a warm place. When you have vinegar, use it by straining it. This vinegar will not harm your stomach.

Making a cake at home
We have a suggestion for those who prepare cakes at home. Decorating is as important as preparing a delicious cake. Most of all, it is considered to make the cakes more eye-catching on special occasions. If you are making your own cake, you can dilute various jams slightly and use it as a sauce while decorating it.

For beautiful ice
When putting water in the ice tray, put fruits such as mint leaves and cherries in it.

Before serving pastries
Before serving the pastries, especially cakes, that you take out of the oven, let them rest for at least 1.5 hours. If you cut it and serve it as soon as it comes out of the oven, the dough will remain inside and a bitter taste will be felt.

When cleaning the grates
You may have difficulty cleaning the oven grates, especially after cooking meat. The stains that dry quickly on it may not come off no matter how long you hold it under water. In this case, scrub the grill thoroughly with pumice stone. There will be no trace of the stain.

Ideal cover size
If the tablecloth is too short or too long, it creates a bad appearance on the table and disturbs those sitting. For comfortable use and a beautiful appearance, the cover should hang no more than 30 cm from the table.

If the jelly is falling apart as it comes out of its mold
To easily remove the jelly from its container after cooking, wash the mold with cold water before cooking and apply oil.

Cleaning the coffee grounds
After drinking coffee, if you don’t wash the cup right away, then you’ll have a lot of trouble. Because the grounds that accumulate at the bottom of the cup dries up and comes out difficult. However, if you sprinkle baking soda on the stained part and wipe it with a damp sponge, you will see that the grounds come off very easily.

To keep coffee fresh
If you want to keep the coffee you bought fresh, pour it into a glass jar and put two cubes of sugar in it. You will find that the coffee stays fresh.

Kebab meat
If you want the meat you buy for kebabs to be cooked deliciously, pour cooked milk on it after chopping it. After waiting for a while, make your meal.

Black olives with thyme
Everyone knows how to use a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice to flavor black olives. But to give your olives a different flavor, cover them with olive oil and add a little thyme and 2-3 cloves of garlic. Leave it for eight days and replace the eaten olives with new ones.

If the cakes are sticking to the mold
To prevent the cakes you have prepared from sticking to the mold, before pouring the dough into the mold, place a strip of aluminum foil in the middle. So you can easily remove the cake after baking.

If your sliced lemons are drying quickly
Sprinkle granulated sugar on a small plate, put the sliced side of the lemon on the sugar, you can store it for two weeks without drying out. Alternatively, pour salt over the lemon. Thus, you can store the lemon without drying and spoiling until a second use. You can also put some vinegar in a saucer and place the lemon on this plate so that the cut part remains in the vinegar.

The smell of frying
Boil 1 tea glass of water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a pot to remove the odor that permeates the kitchen after frying fish.

While boiling pasta
In order for your pasta to be much more delicious and light, add a little milk into your pot while boiling, and you will immediately notice the difference.

For frying
First of all, take the vegetables you will fry from the refrigerator one hour before and leave them at room temperature. Heat the oil well. Do not add too many ingredients to the frying oil at once. Excess material causes the temperature of the oil to drop, and then the desired result cannot be obtained. Use a large slotted ladle when removing the fries from the pan. Excess oil will drain into the pan.

Moldy breads
Wipe the bread box occasionally with vinegar water.

Bad smells in the sink
Pour coffee grounds into the sink and pour boiling water.

Cleaning the mushrooms
The best method is to rub the mushrooms with a damp cloth. In addition, if you want the mushrooms you cook to not turn black, squeeze half a lemon into it while cooking.

When storing parsley
You can chop your parsley dry and keep it for a long time. Thus, it is always ready for use and maintains its green state for a long time. You can use the chopped parsley in the dishes as well as for decoration on the dishes.

To enhance the scent of mint
Sprinkle some sugar on it to enhance the mint flavor.

Rust stain on stove
An onion cut in half is perfect for rust stains on the stove.

In order not to absorb too much oil when frying potatoes
Before tossing the potato slices into the hot oil, put them in a bowl of milk. Thus, it does not absorb too much oil and it will be more delicious.

While cutting cheese
If you hold the knife in cold water first, you will both cut the cheese more easily and wash the knife more easily.

While peeling potatoes
You can easily peel it off by rubbing it with the help of a steel wool wire.

For rusting knives
Cut the onion in half and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Rub the blade with it.

While making a cake
If you want them to cook better when baking cakes and cakes in the oven, put a bowl of water in the oven while baking.

If you need powdered sugar for your cake
You can achieve this in a very simple way. For this, put granulated sugar between two clean sheets of paper. Move the heated iron over this paper until the sugar turns into flour. Your powdered sugar is ready.

To heat the puree
To reheat the cooled puree, add some milk to it. Then place the mash bowl on a bowl of water that you put on the fire and put a layer of asbestos on low heat and place the mash bowl on it.

To clean the grater
Rinse with cold water after rubbing with a piece of bread.

Garlic or onion smell
Hold the stainless steel knife or spoon under running water by touching it with your fingers to remove the heavy odor remaining on your hand.

If the milk sticks to the pot
Rinse the pan with cold water before pouring the milk.

If your milk is burned
Cover the bowl with a damp white cloth for 5 minutes. Repeat this process, rinsing the cloth in water each time. The burning smell of milk completely disappears.

While peeling onions
To avoid tears in your eyes while peeling onions, put them in a bowl of water. If you dip your fingers in vinegar before you start peeling, you will find that the onion smell does not linger on your hands.

If you find it difficult to peel a peach
If you keep the peaches in hot water for 10 seconds and then soak them in cold water, the skins will peel off easily.

Fresh sandwich breads
Instead of throwing away leftover sandwiches, you can keep them fresh for a while. For this, wrap the sandwiches in fresh and washed dry lettuce leaves. Place on a plate and cover with a slightly damp cloth. So put it in the fridge.

While frying chicken
To enhance the flavor of the chicken, you can rub it with a mixture prepared with salt, pepper and lemon juice before putting it in the oven.

If the bottom of the pot is burned
If the bottom of the pot sticks while cooking, mix some baking soda with water to clean it and make a dough with your hands. Cover this in the bottom of the pot. So leave it overnight. After a day, the pot is clean and sparkling.

Clogged salt shakers
If the salt shakers are clogged in the humid environment of the kitchen, put some rice in them.

After a while, a foam layer forms on the pickles you keep in the jar. Scoop it out with a spoon and pour an inch of olive oil over the pickles. Change it from time to time. If the pickle you have prepared cannot be eaten because it has too much salt, put a few peeled onions in the vinegar and leave it for three to four weeks. You will see that the taste has improved.

For long-lasting vegetables
Keep the vegetables you buy in the refrigerator in bags and tightly closed without washing them.

Unripe beans
Put half a coffee spoon of baking soda into the beans that do not soften even after cooking for a long time.

To store olive oil
Put it in a place away from light to prevent the olive oil that you will store for a long time from getting bitter.

Vitamin Carrots
If you keep the carrots you buy in the refrigerator for up to 15 days, the vitamin rates will increase.

To clean oil bottles
When washing the bottles in which you put oil, put a few pieces of rock salt, which you can find in spice shops, and rinse with water. When you wash the bottle after doing this process, you will see that it is spotless and clean.

Measure in food
We all have a hard time adjusting the size while cooking. Here is a simple recipe for measuring: 1 tablespoon takes 25 g of sugar, 20 g of flour, 15 g of salt and 15 g of water.

When cooking olive oil dishes
Adding a little sugar to olive oil dishes will make them tastier. In addition, after cooking, you should not open the lid until it cools down. Another point to remember is that olive oil dishes are cooked the day before they will be eaten and rested until the next day.

While boiling eggs
Put the egg in a bowl of water using a ladle or spoon.